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Saturday 16 April 2011

And the President Is?

All Nigerians needs to imagine a new Nigeria after the Presidential Election of today. I personally see it as an important new beginning for the nation Nigeria. I have listened to some of the promises of the various presidential candidates, almost all of them have very promising manifestos, however, how truthful they are remain to be proven after the election. One thing I know for sure is that Nigerians have shown commitment and solid desire to experience a change, the large turn out today at the Polling Units is a good indication. I have received several twits today from Nigerians all over the country on Twitter, twitting their experiences in their Polling Units, some taking Camera Shots from their Cameras and Mobile Phones, which shows a strong commitment to experience a change, gone are the days when Nigeria would rather sit at home on election day and wait to hear the news of the newly 'appointment' Leader. We have been deceived long enough and now we know that our elections can count, we have realized that if we all get involved, they can only do little in their rigging plans.
Nigerians are a very enlightened and educated people, we have the charisma to excel in all that we do and are a force in many sectors in the world. Even as the western world spread ridiculous stories about us Nigerians and make us look so bad, we still have stood together as a Country. These and more are what makes the country a great nation and a country that is worth giving our efforts for a credible leadership. For some of us living abroad, we know there is nothing really special in the diaspora, that cannot be achieved back home, it only needs time, ideas and a dedication to achieve it.
Few years ago, many Lagosians would say that , Lagos can not be revamped due to the level of poverty and infrastructural decay that was prevalent, but Senator Bola Tinubu started a job in the drive to turn things around, though he did not achieve as much as people expected, Governor Fashola came in and continued in the remodelling of Lagos to every ones amazement. Though there is still a lot to do in Lagos, but he has gone far in starting the drive we all require for a good live. Changes have also been recorded in other parts of the countries, among the leaders that knows that being the Leader is a commitment to serve and not to be served. With this achievements, it goes to say, we can turn the table and start a new life.
It is time for our leaders to understand that leadership is about serving the people and not about enriching their pockets. Whoever emerges the President today needs to understand there is little time to waste, they need to open their governance for ideas to flow and not lock their door at criticism as the case have been with past leaders, they need to break forth from the old-cargo-leadership and dead brains who simply wants to protect their wages and have no plans or ideas as we have experienced for a few decades now.
Today's election should be the starting point in correcting the failed image of Nigeria and the massively rigged elections we have experienced in the past. We need to show the world we can hold a credible election without international intervention. We need to see this election as a pointer to building a credible nation. Let all foreign observers go back to their nations, with the good news of what we have achieved. I will also enjoin all Nigerians to assist the leaders to do their jobs, Let us all be ready to sacrifice our little efforts in the drive for a stable economy, don't just sit back and criticize, but let us take our little contribution as very important towards building a virile nation.
Start with following the driving rules, keep your environment clean, stopping throwing wastes on the road, do your work with your heart and not just for the money alone, pay your tax, do not destroy public property, be your brothers keeper. Stop the kidnapping, Armed Robbery and assassinations. Police needs to stop collecting £20 and desists from killing innocent motorists. Let us be more committed to a successful country, we can only achieve it together with our commitment and drive.
May God help Nigeria and give us the President that will work in the best interest of the country. Long live Nigeria.