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Wednesday 18 May 2011

How We Can Make Nigeria Work

We need to change our attitude and start believing that Nigeria can work. Our attitude establishes a very important part of any achievement we can attain. Attitude is as important as life because attitude is the judgemental responses needed to take appropriate decision that works. Attitude represents an individual’s degree to like and dislike something, it is important to have the right attitude to achieve anything meaningful. We need the right attitude to start a nation that works and full of potentials. We need to change our wrong attitude that Nigeria cannot work. Many sees Nigeria as a country where the resources and assets belonged only to a privileged few, please be reminded that we all have equal rights and equal predispositions to the wealth and resources of the country inherited as a result of being citizens of Nigeria. We have the civic rights to protect the treasures and build a nation that works.
Nigerians need to break away from their experiences, which have clashed with their expectation leading to contradictory beliefs. It means that people struggle with learning new things when they are committed to their previous knowledge, this type of psychological phenomenon is referred to as Cognitive dissonance, which creates a feeling that makes people hold on to ideas that are in conflict with their expectation. Dissonance is reduced by justifying, blaming and denying, but we do not start a change in developing a nation that works until we do away with our dissonance.
Example of Dissonance is expressed in the fable by Esop; the Greek born fabulist who had many fables ascribed to him, he wrote the classical fable titled; “The Fox and The Grapes”; This is the story of a fox that sees some high-hanging grapes and wishes to eat them. He tried to reach the grapes, but was unable to think of a way to do that, and then he said to himself that the grapes are probably not worth eating, as they must not be ripe or that they are sour. This example follows a pattern such that one desires something, finds it unattainable, and reduces one's dissonance by criticizing it. Nigerians have long created dissonance of their expectations and have denied themselves of their rights, they see Nigeria as a great nation, but have the mindset that it cannot work because the resources of the nation only belonged to a privileged few and we have history of bad leadership.
We need to do away with our dissonance, create a positive attitude that is forward looking and open to the emerging national-progression. We need to forget our past mistakes and hurts, we may not start the drive we need in building a nation that works if we hold unto our past, we all need to get ourselves motivated to believe Nigeria is not a 'dead' nation, we all can contribute our very little towards starting the revolution we so desire. We need to free ourselves from expectancy from our leaders to perform miracles because that would not happen, we as individuals needs to do our little to move the nation forward. We need the right disposition and free ourselves from our old beliefs that Nigeria may not work.
Nigeria needs not only be re-branded, but we need to start making the brand work. Our leaders needs to get down to work towards moving the nation forward with the right attitude and not believe that they can always get away with their inactivity and corrupt practices. Nigeria is over 51 years old and now old enough for its people to start enjoying the impact of independence. Our leaders need to be organised and start a revolution that will drive the nation forward. Leaders are not elected just to lead, but to serve, they should work with people who have the right attitude to drive the ship of the nation on the right direction. Nigeria is our country and we have the moral duty to make it work, our leaders needs to make it work. We have heard enough of promises, now we want those promises to be put to work. Let us live the politics and tantrums that goes with electioneering; it is time to show we can make the country start to work.
Nigeria Leaders needs to address poverty, which has ravaged the nation for all this years, Nigerians need to start enjoying the dividend of democracy, constant power supply, which has long been overdue. Nigerians need good roads and transport network, cheaper and affordable communications, better employment opportunities and increased livelihood. Adequate and cheap medical facilities, world class education that can be comparable to what is obtainable in advanced countries. Nigerian leaders need to put their promises to work and stop the self gratification that has been the bane of our system in the past. Nigerians have suffered enough neglect and need open and transparent leaders who have our interest at heart. We need a nation that works.