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Monday 25 April 2011

Our Rights Of Revolution in Nigeria

As Nigeria goes through the last phase of the national election to elect the state Governors, all Nigerians need to wake up to their responsibilities to protect their votes and foster a growing economy, devoid of further violence. They need to take the bull by the horn and know their responsibilities as citizens of the country. They need to champion their rights of revolution and start participating in their little ways to galvanise support for progress of the nation and sustain this democracy. The zeal to get a future that works does not have to be through shedding of blood and destruction as was the case in the North after the 16th of April 2011 Election in which the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan was declared as the valid winner by INEC through a free and fair election. However, the growth we need goes with national revolution that centres on implementing new ideas and innovations that drives the country to its full potentials.
Revolution is mostly known as involving violence, but is not often the case. Revolution is better defined as the fundamental changes that takes place within a short period of time. These changes could be political, social, culture, philosophical and even technological. There is a distinct difference between a revolution and war or coup. The later often involves bloodshed and destruction, we have had enough of these in Nigeria already, what we need now is a revolution that borders around a change in the fundamental structure of the country. Our Government needs to be involved to get the country to a working and growing stage.
This type of revolution has been experienced in Europe before, example of such is what is called the Magna Carta in England, established in 1215, that required the King to renounce certain of his rights and accept that his wills could be bound by the law. The Magna Carta ended up influencing a lot of the decision process of the parliamentary and constitutional laws in England and other countries. Further to the Magna Carta, King II of Hungary also enacted a law called the Golden Bull of 1222. The Golden Bull established the rights of Hungary's noblemen, including the right to disobey the king when he acted contrary to the law, this is referred to as jus resistendi. This law place a right of revolution on the noblemen of England and Hungary and was said to be the first constitutional documents of these countries respectively.
Rights of revolution is the rights placed on the people of a nation to overthrow the Government that acts against their common interest. These rights has been traced back to China articulated by the Zhou Dynasty (1122 and 256 BC) and this was used to cause a change of the Shang Dynasty, they referred to the revolution as the Mandate of Heaven. Right of revolution has also been used to justify the reason for the famous French and American Revolution. Most recently, the Arab world has expressed similar Rights of Revolution to force the government to relinquish their power and establish a people-like Government, success of it has already been observed in Egypt and Tunisia where there has been change of government, the drive for similar change is still on going in other middle Eastern countries like Syria, Bahrain, Yemen and also Libya.
Nigeria has now gone through the one of the fairest election, in the history of the country. We have elected men we can trust and are glad that our votes counted, this is the start of our right of revolution that we have always clamoured for. All Nigerians needs a government that is open and responsive to the yearnings and demands of its people. We want a government that can implements successful projects and develop the economy rapidly. A government that is open to the demands of the Masses for a better life. Time has past when political leaders would see their post as an avenue to show off their personal achievements and amass crazy and unneeded wealth for themselves and their family, but rather, now is time to show their personal drive to serve and cause a change we so desire.
We need a change to experience significant difference in our polity and economy. I am glad that recent report shows significant growth in Nigeria's economy and could rise to double-digits. Nigeria's Finance Minister, Mr Aganga has told BBC News that Nigeria's economy will hit double-digits growth by the end of 2011 or early 2012. Currently the country's economy has grown by more than 7% and it is expected to rise to 10% by the end of this year. That is a massive achievement if we can sustain that growth. Also with the new government in place, the desires by foreign investors in Nigeria will be enhanced coupled with our level of economic growth. The revolution we all desire has just started and we should start enjoying the dividends. Nigeria's revolutionary growth has further been attested to by the UK Government; Mr Henry Bellingham, a UK Parliamentarian, who confirmed Nigeria as the “Fourth Largest growing economy in the world.” This is the right of revolution we all require, a nation we can be proud of and all be eager to return to and participate in the turn around process.