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Monday 23 September 2013

Nigeria: The New Sodom?

Nigeria has become reputable with murders and senseless killings by religious fundamentalists, using our unhealthy religious beliefs as basis for slaughtering ourselves on a daily basis.  Based on events the world over, this is not the type of killings that tend to go away very easily.  Sadly, many have died and many more will die.

Nigerians are beginning to get accustomed to tragedy as a way of life.  This is changing the way we see ourselves and live our lives. The recent events in Nigeria caused by religious beliefs and other negative socio-political events are shaping our lives in a very dangerous way.

Every Nigerian waits daily for the next tragic news to come from Nigeria in various news medium, not for once are they disappointed because you can be sure that another tragedy has just happened or about to happen.  Nigeria is a gun powder, already exploding and not many people understand the magnanimity of the problem at the moment. These problems does not seem to show any sign of abating and our leaders are not with an immediate plan on how to curb the ‘sodomic’ problem we have put ourselves in.
This way of life is not worthy for anyone living on this planet.  Living in Nigeria is like knowing the day you are going to die, our beautiful country is now converted to a dungeon of gallows.  You are not particularly sure how the next set of people will die, but you can be certain many people will die soon. 

As 2013 is drawing to a close gradually, this year has been full of unpleasant news from Nigeria, ranging from suicide bombings in the North by religious bigots and terrorists, armed who are fighting for their gods, leading to the death of many innocent Nigerians.  There is kidnapping and armed robbery.

Except something is done urgently, I see Nigeria on the path to sudden destruction.