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Monday 12 August 2013

Corruption! - Abiola Olaifa's Opionion.

1. What are the causes of corruption?

The greatest cause of corruption in Nigeria is greed; there are too many greedy people in Nigeria. Individuality clearly supersedes collectively. The concept of one for all, all for is not in any way practiced in Nigeria.

Secondly we pay too much attention to money than is necessary and this is done at the detriment of a quality life. People are too drawn to money in Nigeria and clearly money has lost its intrinsic value in Nigeria. The effect of this is that everyone is desperate to acquire money through legitimate or illegitimate means. Peoples value money more than life and if this happens, the purpose of money itself is lost. There is huge chaos in Nigeria, massive level of corruption as result of greed, selfishness and human’s wickedness to each other.

In UK as an example, your next door neighbour may be a Millionaire; you will only know this if you see their bank account. They are modest, they wear the same type of jeans that everyone wears, rides same cars like everyone else, greets and participate in activities as every other neighbour, they show respect to one other and are never boastful. They respect everyone irrespective of their financial strength, until we bring ourselves to this level, we will continue to struggle with corruption.

Reverse is the case in Nigeria, everyone wants to show off in Nigeria, we do not respect our lives, but you are rated only on the basis of how much you have to show off and share around. If you are not rich in Nigeria, you are seen as an idiot. This is a shameful trend that encourages corruption.
2. How do we expose the corrupt?
We all need one voice in the corruption fight. The concept of if you can’t beat them, you better join them must stop. We all need to be part of the fight to nip corruption in the bud. As much as we all need money to go through life, the illicit acquisition of money and show of grandeur in Nigeria needs to be curtailed, this is driving the country in the straight path to destruction.

There are many people showing off the wealth they acquire through their illegitimate means. We need to stop this show of shame; it is driving more people to embrace very dangerous corrupt means to acquire money at all cost. As difficult as it sounds, let us bring back the old days of civility and start to shun corruption. Let’s say no to bribe. Let’s stop to give recognition to people who we cannot identify their source of wealth. Let’s root out corruption anywhere we are and avoid tagging along with corrupt people.

3. What are the new ways to fight corruption?

It is important to have a judicial system that works, so every identified corrupt people is brought to book and given adequate punishment that matches their offense. Everybody embracing corruption is a criminal and we must treat them as criminals that they are, not as hero. We all know corrupt people around us; let’s expose them, so we can bring them to book.

We need a good policing system, one that is devoid of corruption and can do the job as necessary and there is need for the police to embrace the power of technology to track and investigate corruption through adequate forensic process.

We must not give any room for corruption, joining to share in the loot is same as carrying out the loot. We need openness and not close door approach to activity involving money exchange and there is also the need to constantly sensitize ourselves about corruption and the damages it si doing for us.
4. Tackling corruption: can citizens make a difference.

The Citizens of Nigeria have a lot of work to do in fighting corruption. As much as we have experienced many high level corruptions among our leaders in Nigeria, I still feel the citizens of Nigeria have not done any better either. Nigerians easily participate in corruption without blinking their eyes and the trend is worse than we may think.

The Citizen of Nigeria needs to shun corruption and work to develop a nation we can all be proud of.

5. If you were Mr. President today, how will you fight corruption?

If I am the President, my top priority will be to better the battered image of Nigeria. Nigeria’s image at the moment is not good both home and abroad and we are not doing much to stop the wave of corruption ravaging the economy.

I will do all everything within my power to deal with the cabals responsible for corruption in Nigeria and follow due process to bring them to justice.

I will ensure my government sign up to zero tolerance in fighting corruption.

I will institute a new anti-corruption body who will work as forensic auditors in all ministries and public parastatals to track, audit and empower the bodies to bring to justice anyone caught performing any act of corruption.
6. What does it takes to be a corruption fighter?

You need a lot of discipline and conscience. Be driven by a desire to achieve a good quality life and not just a fat bank account. Be resolute to fight and not be inundated by distractions all around.