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Sunday 19 July 2015

My Job Application To President Buhari.

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I am an intelligent, versatile and enthusiastic Nigerian, with genuine interest in the development of the country.  I have essential professional experiences across a variety of industries, and specialised skills in latest technologies with strong management principles and procedures.

I seek  opportunity to serve in the Nigerian government to enable me fully utilize the enormous skills I have acquired over the years from various fields ranging from Engineering, Business, Education, Health and Social Services, Logistics and Transportation, Human Resources, Management, Science and Technology, Arts , Sports and many more.

If the above sounds like you, it is time to join in the train to serve Nigeria.

This is an unusual call for President Buhari led government to give talented Nigerians opportunity to take up important national roles irrespective of tribe or religious affiliations. Professional Nigerians should be confident to apply for public roles where there are vacancies without any intimidation or need to be a friend or family to the President.   President Buhari needs to inject fresh professional Nigerians from all over the world into various important roles to help Nigeria attain its needed progress.

I am particularly impressed by the recent employment of new service chiefs, which President Buhari confirmed was based on merit and not another ‘who you know’ arrangement.  This is the period Nigerians have been waiting for, where qualified Nigerians can confidently apply for a job based on their qualification and not who they know.

Over the years Nigeria has used the usual ’paddy paddy system to employ service chiefs and other important positions.  This has restricted the number of professionals at various important levels of public services, consequently the same set of people have been recycled for many years.  This practise only makes Nigeria look like a nation not producing professionals, but that is not the case as Nigeria is blessed with one of the highest workforce of intellectuals the world over.

Continuing to leave our public service to the various half-baked professionals on recommendation from those who matters (Oga at the top) as it currently stands is unfortunate and this needs to change. 

I am certain that opening the doors of the nation to genuine professionals at home and in the Diaspora would help to inject vibrant, educated and innovative, well trained workforce into important positions across the country’s governments and is a sure way to cause the progressive changes the nation urgently needs.

Image result for president buhari jobI am without a doubt that we have bundle of talents from Nigeria, people who have risen through file and ranks in their profession and who would do well in helping the current government to achieve its stated goals.  I believe giving the opportunity to talented Nigerians who have held similar roles in governments and other professions all over the world is a sure way to compliment the local workforce and jointly we can develop a nation that works.

This is a call on the Federal, state and local Governments to encourage professionals from the Diaspora to return and make living and developing Nigeria an ambition worthy of taking up.
I am of firm believe that this is the right time for professional Nigerians all over the world to step into the job train and take up public roles designed to take Nigerians into the next level in nation building.  

I have sojourned in Europe for some time now and have met several Nigerians who have been in Europe and other parts of the world for several decades.  Many are highly skilled and certified in their various fields, if this pool of talents are given opportunity to serve in various roles in Nigeria and given a conducive environment to work, then Nigeria is sure to be better for it.

A vast majority of Nigerians are working with the Government of their host countries; some are already members of parliaments, mayors of major cities, Councillors and Lords, technocrats, investors, medical professionals, successful scientists, educators and much more.

I spoke to a few Nigerian professionals who have progressed well in there domiciled country. Most have a strong passion for Nigeria and express their willingness to help Nigeria, but are very pessimistic about the situation back home.  This pessimism is the reason they are scared to come back home to take up roles to help develop Nigeria.

Many express their fear for security of life, lack of constant power supply, good roads, health and low quality of life.  I have asked the question; What if these amenities are available, would you make the move to Nigeria? Majority confirmed to the affirmation.

It shows Nigerians would come home and help if given the opportunity and the environment to develop the nation with their vast experience from other nations of the world.

Nigerians have been run and managed by the same set of individuals for too long, that there is urgent need for a complete overhaul; new sets of managers are needed to inject new innovative ideas and skills currently being used to develop other countries.

I am confident that the current government President Muhammadu Buhari would exercise an open door policy where talents can be harnessed, rather than the ‘who you know’ policy that has been the bane of our democracy.

I wish Nigeria well.

God bless Nigeria.

Abiola Olaifa writes from UK