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Monday 30 November 2015

The New-Age Imperialism: Saving Africa from Extinction – Part 2

Africa can only progress if Africans began to believe in Africa.  They need to build businesses of their own and promote their own brands.  It is high time that Africans became more Afro-centric in promoting the African values.  No entrepreneur can develop in a business they don’t have self-belief in. Africa is business for Africans and requires Africans to market its potentials to themselves and the rest of the world.

Africans need to unite, make peace, build banks, businesses and be patient in sharing their wealth.  They need to re-discover the African value system as this is the only way if Africa is to start on a journey of progress.

Africa’s problems are not natural, but man made, so it takes its people to find solution to its problems. Dubai was only a desert until its people became visionaries and turned it into the envy of the world, today Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities of the world.  Until Africans wake up from its dogmatism currently pervading the continent.  Africa would continue to hold mark as the dark-continent in the lowest ladder of anything good.

Africans are progressing individually, building wealth for self only, while a collective progress and wealth distribution is non- existence.  A single African owns enough wealth to make a million other African live a fairly rich life.  Africa has built a huge den of thugs, scammers, thieves and kidnappers wanting to make money by all cost. This group of people are well connected to those that matters at the top. They make the rules or participate in making the rules.  A society governed by criminals is sure to thrive in criminality. Africans do not understand how to live; everywhere you go is chaos, poverty, disease and death amidst its enormous wealth.

Image result for New Age enslavementAfrica has the youngest population of humans on earth with 50% being 19 years old and below.  This is the age careers are developed and leaders are trained, however an average African within this youthful age group is mentality lazy. Most are not sure the direction they are going, but only interested in making money than learning how to make money or how money works.  They say to themselves, “Less work and more money is what we want”.  They say only a fool will look to work hard for less money.  Integrity and quality that goes with working hard is none existent.
Africa’s young population does not understand the need for research and development, manufacturing or how to participate in the creation of wealth, they only understand consumption, feeding fat, riding big-exotic cars bought on borrowed money or corruption, living in big houses and having too many children.  The ability to build wealth is non-existence.

Check an average public service office in a lot of African countries and you could see its work force strolling into work at 10am on a Monday morning for a job meant to start at 8 am and those in the office are either sleeping on their desk or going about their private affairs.  Those out of work are not about to invent ideas to change their future.  Many wake up and sit in front of laptop looking for the gullible victims the world over who will fall for their bait and pay a windfall.

The leaders of Africa steal money and stash it away in foreign lands from where they had borrowed the money  in the first place.  Every successful African have the dream to spend their money in designer shops in London and Paris, spend nights in 5 start hotels in New York or Florida.  Not many would consider the cheaper beautiful scenes of Africa as option. The only way Africa can start to move forward and prosper is by keeping as much of its wealth as possible in Africa, until this starts to happen, Africa does not stand the chance to progress.
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Africa’s dependence on international aids is becoming nauseating and using pictures of dying African children to solicit financial help all over the world is simply heart-breaking.  Africa is a very rich continent, yet very poor because of the greed of its people and leadership failures.  Africans are busy fighting man-made wars manufactured by people with ulterior motives without understanding the realities of the world they live in.

Most Africans prefer to leave Africa to any destination they can find, not many want to stay in Africa, when I ask why,  the response has always been ; “nothing works in Africa.”  How would anything work in Africa except African starts to make it work?  Most Africans recognize there is problem, but not many recognise how to solve the problem or at least ways to begin to solve the problem.  Instead they prefer to visit religious places praying fall down and die, casting and binding when the world is using what they have to get what they want.  Africans have not learnt from History and continued to positon themselves for new-age enslavement by their actions.

Africa has a huge population of people buying expensive cars, living in huge houses and the best of the very bests from around the world.  However look closely, you will see that they lack knowledge about life, they lack the needed value, quality or the integrity needed to live the right life.  They are so frivolous; their live is void and visionless.  All their expensive collections is to show off to their keens that they have made it and are the local champion,  nothing more.  It is very saddening to see the current antecedents, which is the same if you travel from Lagos to Timbuktu or from Cape Town to Mombasa.  Africans do not understand what prosperity is or how to live a valuable life, everyone just want enough money to buy materials for show off.  What a way to live.

Image result for african luxuryAfricans don’t believe in Africa, they make a new shoe in Aba, Nigeria and put a label showing  made in Berlin, Germany.  Africans do not want to buy any product made in Africa.  Just having made in Africa on your label already creates a bad market for your product in Africa.  How do you promote a brand that even the makers don’t believe in?  They call products made in Africa ‘local’ and not fit for purpose. Only those made in Paris, London, USA and other international countries can be trusted.  Africans prefer to buy and promote wears made by Versace, Gucci and Louis Vuitton with enormous amount of money instead of promoting their local branded Sura-the-tailor and Vivid Imaginations.  Africans do not see the potential in its local workforce. However the only way to create wealth in Africa is for Africans to keep and spend their money within Africa.

Abiola Olaifa, UK