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Sunday 20 March 2011

I Can Make You Rich (Series 1)

This article is written so we can look at ways to enrich ourselves and develop our mental sufficeincy geared towards achieving success in all our endeavours.  We also have a great role to play in changing our mindset towards achieving greatness and riches in life. This series of article is designed to give us an hindsight into the mind of achievers and to help us develop the unshaking mindset required if you want to achieve anything tangible in life.

The very first thing you need to do to become rich is to believe that you are rich. You need to keep this in the innermost part of your mind called the subconcious. You need to change your mindset and start dreaming. The dream will help you to build the right mental pictures that can be stored permanently in your brain, without those pictures of what you want, it might be 91impossible to achieve anything tangible. You will need to see yourself living in the big house you have always envisioned and driving the big car you've always dreamt of. Your bank account may be showing zero balance now, see it having a figure with many 0's. Create in your subconscious mind the amount of money that you will like to have in your bank account, but don't set any limit to the extent you can go. Once you are able to do that successfuly in your mind, you've already become rich. Your mind is automatically programmed for success.

No one is born with riches, we all aquire it by our self determination and drive to achieve it. I know that wealth sometimes can come to us by inheritance or gift. I use to wish I was from a wealthy family and not have to work so hard to be rich, but I later learnt that inheriting some wealth will not make you rich. You can only become rich if you make yourself rich. Even winning the Lottery Jackpot may not make you rich and you are not unlucky if you have not inherited large money from your parents or valuable treasure from your family lineage. Many people have inherited so much money from their parents, but still ended up bankcrupt because they do not know how to become rich.

The mind is an important part of our existence and is crucial in the process of becoming rich. It brings up a very important component, which I will call mind programming. Before we understand how we can programme our mind to get it ready for wealth acquisition, It is importtant to sieve and carefully process what goes through our mind. The mind is a private sphere and only its owner knows it. The mind liases with the brain for decision-making and is believed to be the centre of emotions and the deepest part of one’s nature. The mind is capable of intimating the brain to take various actions as far as the soul is in support of the mission. The mind can be divided into two parts; The Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind.

Your Conscious Mind is responsible for processing new queries and decisions that are not permanent. It takes in new queries and works like the computer's Random Access Memory (RAM), The RAM(Conscious mind) is the temporary memory on a computer, it takes in data for processing, liases with the processor(brain) and comes out with the decisions(Information). However as soon as the information is received, everything dissapears, nothing is stored on the RAM(Conscious memory), because it is only used as temporary memory.

The Subconscious mind on the other hand can store the processed information permanently, it works like the computer's Read Only Memory(ROM) and stores the processed information permanently, so they can be accessed and used anytime they are needed. The subconscious mind is not easily deletable like the conscious mind. This is the most important part of our existence and it is very important to get this part of the mind well programmed with the right information. If your subconscious mind is corrupt or you have wrong information stored on it, then achieving anything tangible will be practically impossible, it obeys the computer phenomenon called Garbage In Garbage Out(Gigo). That is why a lot of people makes and takes wrong decisions that drives them to more poverty rather than riches. You need to programme your mind to see, appreciate, understand, discern and cordinate riches in other to be rich.

Everybody have equal and enabling opportunity to be rich with or without money. In my last book called “Defy all Odds, A great inspirational success Strategy(September 2007, Authorhouse UK,US,” I mentioned that many people would say you need money in other to be rich, I stand to correct that mindset. You do not need money to get success, if money is what you need to get success, then what do you get after you get the success. Money is one of the products of success, just as riches is the product of a well programmed mind. I am going to show you how to progamme your mind to be ready for success and we will start by looking closely at the two different parts that makes your mind programming a success.
The conscious mind is the first of the parts as we have discussed earlier and it often relates to our day to day activities; example of such is if you have just moved into a new home, you have to figure out how everything works, where the switches are, where the bathroom is, where to position your shoe rack, the closet, how to locate the closest bus stop and even where the keyhole is. All of these learnings is done with the help of the conscious mind. It is like the eye of the mind and it looks and sometime looks again before getting used to what it is looking. Once the picture of the image has been fully digested through the help of the conscious mind, it passes the details to the subconscious mind, the Subconcious mind then takes over the decision process and stores that image permanently for future use.

Using the scenerio of the new home, you will realise that after staying in the house for a few months, the subconcious mind comes to work, it knows everything around; it knows where the switches are, where the bathroom door knob is, it knows the way to the closest bust stop and can work you through the keyhole even if its dark. The Subconcious mind does not need to be reminded again, because it has stored the details and can process the request automatically. So it is with success, the subconscious mind need to be put in the drive gear if you want to make anything tangible in the drive to be rich.

Many people might have been wondering why some people are rich and others poor. Books have been written, Lectures and discussions have been attended in the same line, however not many people have been able to discover that spark required to become rich. A rich person is some one with subconscious mind fully loaded with the pictures of success. You need to reason and act like the rich to be rich. A rich person knows how to multiply a little money, because their subconscious mind is fully operational, but the poor are experts in spending the little money they make using their conscious mind which contains pictures they see around and not the processed ones. If you learn to work and take decision in life using your subconscious mind, you have not only begin to produce riches, but you are already rich. To be continued.

Thursday 10 March 2011

Don’t Rock My Boat

A young but earnest Zen student approached his teacher, and asked the Zen Master:
"If I work very hard and diligent how long will it take for me to find Zen?"
The Master thought about this, then replied, "Ten years."
The student then said, "But what if I work very, very hard and really apply myself to learn fast -- How long then?"
Replied the Master, "Well, twenty years."
"But, if I really, really work at it.  How long then?" asked the student.
"Thirty years," replied the Master.
"But, I do not understand," said the disappointed student. "At each time that I say I will work harder, you say it will take me longer.  Why do you say that?"
Replied the Master," When you have one eye on the goal, you only have one eye on the path."  (Author Unknown, Source Unknown)
Travelling on a journey in a boat could be an enjoying adventure, watching the little fishes swim through as you paddle your boat through the heart of the waters.  Life is like a boat; we all have to paddle our way through it.  We have to keep the boat afloat and in the direction of our dream.  Do not let your boat to be rocked by distracters, procrastination, fear of failure and risk.
Don’t you rock my boat, because I am determined to sail through to safety.  Most of the time, we are our distracter; we tend to concentrate on irrelevancies, while ignoring what propels us.  Paddle your boat of dreams, conquer your storms and sail to the shore.  The storm may be turbulent, but never forget that it is what you need to keep your boat afloat and moving.
Life is like a storm, no matter how difficult things seems for you, often your difficulties houses their solutions, Never forget the word of the Lord, that says I will make a way, where there seems to be no way.  Be alert to the things that hold you down, makes you feel alienated and don’t want to go any more, often these are the things that keep you going.  Life is not 1+1=2, it goes beyond that, life is complex yet simple.  You need to understand the complexities so as to enjoy the simplicities.
A car look sleek, nice and beautiful from the outside, but open the burnet and see the engines, you will realise there are complexities, however it is these complex engines that keep the sleek and beautiful car moving.  There are many things in us that look so complex, but always remember, they keep our life together.  See the possibilities, not the difficulties.  Don’t allow those difficulties to rock the boat of your life. Life contains many opportunities, you need to look for one, once you find it, be passionate about it and make it a success.  Until you commit yourself to some great cause, you haven’t really begun to live.
In everything you do, as you paddle your boat along in life, honour your time.  Use your time well, achievers are more at ease with time and they are ever grateful for their time.  They are always full of excess time.  They enjoy their life, work less and achieve more.  Successful people understand life more and create more; they head companies and are paid by the labour of unsuccessful people.  They know their way through life, they have a strategic time management practices and above all achieve their goals.  They don’t cry for more time when they are writing the exams of life and are too composed to be poor.  Walter Rinder who knows the benefit of appropriate time management asserts “Don’t exclude yourself from precious moments, warm encounters, beautiful attitudes, majestic discoveries, flowing intimacies and sensory development for these are the jewels placed in the crown of your destiny.”  When your time is well managed, you enjoy life more.
You are as important as life, in whatever situation you find yourself, make the most of it, see the positives and live in the positive.  You are divinely made for greatness and supernaturally created for exploits.  See your storm as a victory in disguise.  Never miss your mark in life.  The disciples of Jesus where afraid when they saw the heavy storm; but Jesus was sleeping in it.  That was a great lesson, because there is power in every storm.  Don’t let your boat be rocked.