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Sunday 21 October 2012

Positive Expectation for 2015: Why Enough Is Enough.

2015 is fast approaching when Nigeria will conduct another national election and now is the right time to start the process of deciding the right leaders who can move our nation forward.  Enough is enough with candidates being imposed on us by godfathers, businessmen, and economic manipulators.  Nigeria is sick and need urgent surgery.

Now is the right time to come together to decide who will lead us come 2015. We must avoid another bunch of accidental leaders being imposed on us.  Without putting forward the right candidates, we might yet be preparing to vote for another set of thieves, corrupt businessmen, wicked and clueless rulers who are bent on achieving their selfish interests.   

Nigeria has a rich intellectual history; we have experts and professionals whose professional capabilities are overwhelming.  We have brothers and sisters who know what Nigeria needs and ways to achieve, let us awaken the giant we can see all around us and start creating a positive leadership benchmark come 2015.  Let’s put forward names of individuals we know can change our nation and start the process of our national recovery. 

This is a wakeup call.   Let’s put our fate in our hands and better our lots.  Enough is enough with our repeatedly docile leaders whose interest is purely in their pockets.   If we go ahead to do things the way we have always done it, then it shows we have not learnt our lessons.  It means we are used to our normal ways of life. We Suffer.  We Smile. We Die.

Nigeria needs virile leaders who can cause changes urgently and with the best interest of the country.  It is time we gave our men with the right vision the opportunity to lead Nigeria.  We need our best brains trained to cause changes that are immediately noticeable to come forth and marshal the nation to its next level.  Leaders whose presence can affect the four corners of Nigeria within a short period, not one to give us more excuses why things cannot work, not one with no clue how to lead the country. 

What is killing us in Nigeria far outweighs what is keeping us alive.  We cannot afford another four years of bloodshed and waste in the hands of theses wicked and selfish leaders.   We’ve had leaders with no clue how to secure our lives, how to give us electricity for 24 hours a day, how to convert our waters to domestic use.   We’ve had leaders who do not know how to make good roads, with right signs.  

For how long must we wait and be killed one by one, while our leaders watch helplessly?
For how long must we be slaughtered in the north, kidnapped in the east and robbed in the south?
For how long must we remain silent to be beaten and robbed by our law enforcers?
For how long must our lives be in danger, even in the comfort of our homes?
For how long must our children die of preventable disease, malnutrition and hunger?
For how long must our young men and women be killed in their prime?
For how long must we be subjected to their ‘we-we’ politics?
For how long must we be led by the bunch of materialistic, ‘chop and quench’ rulers?
For how long must they share the proceeds from our Oil money?
For how long would they ignore our vote and make us suffer in silence?
For how long must we remain in darkness with no light or clean water?

Our leaders have not shown enough commitment to secure our territories and borders.  Nigerians are still killed daily in large numbers by deaths we can prevent.  They blame neighbouring countries for the insurgencies and are not able to explain how the militants traverse our borders and territories without getting caught?  What a shame!  Nigerians have been sitting on Gunpowder for too long, now the powder has started exploding.  Must our lives be this worthless?

Nigerians are suffering.  Our children are desperate for survival and our elders are dying of preventable diseases.    Our road is an open grave; people get killed daily by it and the lives of an average Nigerian is worth nothing.  How have we got this far?

Some of our past leaders have turned themselves into mini-gods; living life like it has no end, while their counterparts in other countries are making life less stringent, by going to the market to shop, jumping buses and trains, using commercial jets and setting the right examples.  When will Nigerian leaders breakaway from their megalomaniac tendencies and realise the need to serve rather than give us bad names.  

This is a clarion call on every Nigerians to come together.  Let’s forget our past, so that we move into our future.  Let’s use our conscience to direct our actions and do away with sentiments.  Let us do away with tribal and religious politics.  We need leaders, who are true leaders, not our past history of clueless rulers.  Let us come together and decide on leaders who will cause the change we urgently need in Nigeria.  It is time we started the process because 2015 is around the corner.  Let’s avoid another set of disastrous rulers that they shove down our throat.  Let’s not wait for luck in Nigeria, let’s create our luck come 2015.

Saturday 20 October 2012

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