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Monday 15 August 2011

Exporting Africa Music To The World.

Music is the most important medium of communication in Africa. African music is highly significant and often requires participation from the audience, it involves sing and response. Africans have various songs for different events and activities, we have war songs, love songs, songs accompanying child birth, marriage, hunting, and political activities, we also have songs to ward off evil spirits and songs to pay respect to the good spirit, we have songs for the dead and the ancestors. African musicians are professionals and their music is important to our ways of life, their music have stories to tell and says a lot about our beliefs.

Africa is said to be the origin of music and dance. Music is the most exported commodity from Africa. Africans were known to be travellers, nomads and many were forced into slavery to many parts of the world, so they do a lot of moving around, taking their music and dance to everywhere they go. Africa music have been a major influence in many parts of the world, from African-Amerian music, to Jazz in Europe, Latin American music like salsa, rumba and samba, also the Caribbean calypso, zouk and soca, have all been influenced by African music as a result of the transatlantic slave-trade. The emergence of online music distribution mediums like Itunes, Youtube mobile phones downloads, and others have also helped to get these music across the world and easily for everyone to purchase. African musicians now have more avenues to spread their talent to the world.

Africa music has grown in bounds in the past decades, many new-age talents have been discovered and are already making waves on the world stage. These new artists have driven African music into the limelight and given it international recognition and acceptability in the global music world. A lot of African musicians are now collaborating with the world's best, producing platinum hits and generating good income. These music are also receiving the best awards in the world, if we can further harness these pool of talents, the continent have a lot to gain. Africa stands to benefit immensely from the international music industry as music is consumed globally.

Africa musicians use indigenous languages and instruments to propagate the traditions and cultural heritage in very positive ways, however good this is for the continent, there is still a lot more to be done if it is to gain from the pool of creativity in its musical talents. Africa have many types of music from North Africa to the South Saharan and there is need to give our music an international brand-image, so the multi-billion dollars music industry can be the much needed income stream for the continent.

As much as there is great potential in the African music industry, there is also need for these sector to be reassessed as the current potential is hindered by inadequate structuring, piracy and limited international social and economic patterns. African music producers needs to be professionally trained in artist management and international marketing skills so as to properly place the music on world stage. More of our artists needs to participate in more international gigs and music events. African musicians have really improved in the last decade and their music is world-class and deserving of better exposure and should be on the best stages in the world.

African music are rhythmic in nature and very danceable, our music were largely classified as afro-music and high-life. Some of our new talents are doing well blending the African style music with Afro-American musicians and musician from other parts of the world to produce all kinds of music ranging from soul, rock and roll, jazz, rap/hip-hop to Reggae, high-life, country and rock music. Many new artists are breaking-forth from Africa with new musical taste, blending our traditional musical instrument with new technology to produce scintillating and highly creative world class music. The fresh collaboration and latest technology combined with the creativity of our artists is pushing African music forward, our music is export-ready to take the worlds-music scene by the storm.

Africa musician have done really well and have all it takes to make music of same quality as any musician of the world, however there is need for us to promote our music to the worlds mainstream music industry. Reggae music has been a major export in Jamaica and the country have produced many world great musicians. Reggae is a positive, image boosting and good income generating venture for Jamaica.

There are many raw talents and artists springing up on a daily basis from every parts of Africa, producing very good music. More investors can invest into the potentials inherent in the industry by promoting and marketing the artists. Africa stands to gain immensely from this industry if well harnessed and could be one of the best income generating venture for the continent.

Abiola Olaifa.