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Monday 8 April 2013

Nana Korobi Ya Oki

Nana korobi ya oki is the famous Japanese proverb, which translates to “fall down seven times, get up eight times.”  This literally means that if you fall down seven times, then stand to your feet eight times. This saying relays the vicissitude of life and not only does it relates to many aspects of our lives, but it is well loaded with meaning that inspires us to persevere.

I am compelled to write this article following the events coming from Nigeria lately.  I am particularly bothered by the gross negligence, lack of trust for each other, level of corruption and increased-unwarranted religious killings.  My greatest worry stems from the neglect of our national interest, we have fallen in many aspects of our lives and it is important we started picking the broken pieces and began to rise from our current debacles.

Nigeria has fallen seven times over in its political systems, public services, education and business; also in religious, cultural and family sectors.  We have fallen short in our character, resilience and perseverance as humans.  We have adopted selfishness and greed as our daily menu.   The country has fallen seven times and is yet to get up the eight times. 

There are high degree of negligence, low values and morals.  Money and luxuries is paramount in the life of many and various vices are used daily to make money by all means and these ranges from kidnapping, ritual killing, political assassination and various untenable money-making schemes, while ignoring the grace and resilience need to complete our life cycle.  

Our leaders have ignored the need to develop our land, they are still in the business of stealing the nation’s purse dry and those not stealing are just clueless, while the rest sees their exalted positions as a means to flaunt their ill-gotten wealth, they junket around the world, fly in the best jets and buy the priciest mansions in the best regions of the world from the wealth that rightfully belong to all, leaving Nigerians to languish in abject poverty. 

Many things have been said and written about the level of decadence in Nigeria, but there is no sign of it abating, no one seems to be listening or ready to start the change we desire.  We have gone too far in developing a very dangerous model, moving the nation closer to its extinction.  We have fallen seven times, let us rise the eight times, just before it’s too late.

The religious killing in the north of Nigeria has taken a dangerous and evil dimension.   The presidency promised to terminate the insurgency within 3 months; equally the Islamic group named Boko Haram has issued a threat to the life of the president of Nigeria and threatened to stop the President in 3 months.  The populace is watching this unhealthy development, while many innocent lives are being cut short daily and we know  killing is never the right way forwards.  We urgently need to rise from our fallings and do the right things.

 I am beginning to wonder where is Nigeria heading to, the pillars of the nation is shaking and about to fall, except something is done urgently.   Boko Haram is busy sucking peoples blood in the north, Kidnappers are busy sucking peoples blood in the East and Armed Robbers are doing the same in the South.  We are busy trading arms and ammunition, declaring war where there is no war.  Lets us rise and save our nation.

Nigerians deserve to lead better lives; the country is one of the richest countries, not just in Africa, but in the world.  We have enough natural, human and material resources.  How do you live close to a river and bath with mud water?  We have allowed a few to milk our wealth for too long, while the rest Nigerians suffer in silence.

It is only in Nigeria that our leaders believe that charity begins abroad.  They use our resources to develop foreign lands, steal and stash our money in foreign bank accounts, buy the best houses abroad, the best cars ever produced and all available greener pastures in foreign lands, while they abandon their own land to its sufferings. 

I want to urge all Nigerians to know that not everything in life is easy, but it is not whether or not something is difficult or easy, but it is how we deal with them that makes the difference and give it the resultant success or failure.  Let’s stop the ‘I want it by all means mentality,’ which is destroying our society.  When no one is ready to go through the difficulties and challenges that make life complete, nothing gets better and we would keep going in cycles.

Nigeria has the power to bounce back from its adversity, though we have fallen seven times, but we can still get up the eight times.  Let’s show character, resilience and strength, let’s not give up the struggle.  Nana Korobi Ya Oki Nigerians.