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Friday 16 January 2015


On 1st October 1960, with joy and happiness Nigerians agree to an independent country devoid of foreign involvement.  All accepted this as the way forward towards leading a united country and governing themselves and building a nation by themselves and for themselves.  The independence would give a chance, guided by traditions and beliefs, culture and religion.

Looking back in time, I am beginning to wonder if this independence is not the curse Nigerians have had to live with.  We have proved over the past 54 years of obtaining our new independent status that we are not capable of leading ourselves.   Our once divided communities have divided further, now into more tiny pieces. Our voice of cohesion brought about by the independence is now our voice of war and blood. Everything about Nigeria is a joke and is difficult to imagine, not to talk of believe that we are where we are today.

Nothing good works in Nigeria, only the bad thrives.  The level of poverty and corruption is mind boggling.  I cannot but feel very sad for the country and its citizens. All have endured and suffered enough.  There is urgent need for change to a better life.  Nigeria is run like a ghetto city with a few rich in the means of many poor; the game everyone plays now is to hit it or miss it. No definite plan or road map yet in Nigeria, our accepted system is simply a shameful experiment. This worries me a lot, as we do not appear to be ready for a collective change or progress. 

Everybody in his or her own estate and the estate is fallen into parts

The game of ‘I cut your throat before you cut mine’ has reached a crescendo of immense propensity and the need to re-evaluate and re-assess is overly imminent as we approached another dimension in the nation’s history.

History is in the making and another opportunity to either re-shape our destiny or continue in our abyss of ineptitude has arisen.  Now is the time we have been waiting for to either correct the wrongs and chart a course for Nigeria or continue in the sinking ship.

Nigeria urgently needs a change and next month’s election is the opportunity we have to lead the change.

This is a massive year in the history of Nigeria and it is important that we get things right this time.  Our destiny is in our hands and we must not be bought over by money, chicken or bag of rice as was always the case.  The need to live and build together should transcend politicians’ lies and corruptions. 

Vote Right. Guard your vote and let it count. 

As we vote our national and local leaders, let’s vote with a total conviction that we are voting for candidates whose presence can affect Nigeria positively within a short time-frame to help forestall the impending doom.  We do not need any more leaders who lack the clues needed to lead the country. 
Nigeria has already reached a tipping point and without a quick emergency wedge, it may spill over to the detriment of the future of the nation.

My biggest concern is that we all clamour for a great country, commiserate with the developed nations, but most of us jump into the same wagon as our self-gratifying, eye service, ‘paddy-paddy’ style leaders , whose apparent interest is in their own selfish and corrupt ambitions.  We are not doing enough to break this circle of maladministration in the high places of our economy.  

As much as we do not want Nigeria to break, we also do not want it to continue to be a laughing stock.  Lets come together to build a nation we all can be proud of and dispense with sentiments and superstitions.  We no longer require God to give us a great nation; he has already done it and blessed the country with various resources.  It is in our part to use the resources to our advantage, natural, human and capital. We have a duty to guard what belongs to us and entrust the management to competent hands. 

Now is the time to do what is right and vote right.

By all standards, corruption has become a norm in our society and many Nigerians readily share in it. Corruption has reached a very dangerous height and except we start the drive to curb this, we may all be in the driving seat of a drowning vessel.   No nation thrives on corruption.  With this in mind, where is the future of our country and that of our children? Let’s ask ourselves these questions as we make up our minds as to the candidates we choose to captain our ship come the next election. 
Nigeria has failed and many times too. No need to re-emphasis this more, much have been said already.  However we must start to understand the propensity of the havoc already done to our nation and the need to get things right this time and choose right.

Let us all go out with strong determination to cast our vote for the right candidates.  We all can see how far we have come since October 1st 1960, with this in mind; let’s not make this another stab in the dark.  Let’s come together as one and vote for the right candidates devoid of ethnic or religious sentiments.

This is also a call on all candidates who are contesting the elections to do it with the fear of God.  The head that will wear the crown will surely do, therefore refrain from killing and violence.  The position you seek is not about you and your family, not about private jets and mansion in London and Dubai.  It’s about our sinking ship Nigeria and keeping it afloat.  Be Nigeria conscious and put your self-desire away. You have committed to serve Nigeria, serve you should.

God bless Nigeria.

Written by Abiola Olaifa, from UK.