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Monday 6 April 2015

A Welcome Letter to General Muhammadu Buhari.

Dear General Buhari,

Congratulations to you for being elected the new president of Nigeria and for defeating the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan to become the new president elect of Nigeria.

Nigerians hail your victory. Nigerians love your victory. 

This victory is one that has eluded Nigerians for many years. Your tenacity and courage has got you this far and is the reason Nigerians celebrated the victory with their whole heart.  Many were wounded and some died (RIP to those that died) while celebrating to show how happy they are with your victory in contrast to the previous successive failed governments of Nigeria.

This is a victory for all Nigerians who want a change that translates to better living conditions for them.  Nigerians through this election have given you their heart, please do not break it.

Nigerians want to trust you.

The trust they are giving you is very valuable to them, worth more than gold and silver, worth more than the riches of our land. It is the kind of trust a Christian have in Jesus and a Muslim in Prophet Mohammed (SAW).  As a true Muslim that you are, do not be dissuaded by wealth and riches because I know you will get the chance to a lot of it and many Nigerian criminals will throw it at your face.  However know that what goes around comes around. Stick to your promises and fulfill them, it’s the only reward you have here and in the world after.

Nigerians are better enlightened now than when you ruled them over 30 years ago, the last presidential election, which you won is a prime example of the changes Nigerians clamour for. President Jonathan was kicked out for lack of performance. This may be your fate too soon, so respect your mandate and start the developmental process of Nigeria from day one as you take over on 29th of May 2015. Stick with your conscience and let it direct and guide you every day of your stay in office.

The average Nigerians have been failed repeatedly, they have been left alone in the rain for so long, soaked with no shelter. They have not received any support from the governments they so much believe in. Every day of their lives is a struggle for survival, of what use is the government that cannot provide the basic things of life to its people. Nigerians have been made to suffer more than any of their contemporaries in other countries, they have been repeatedly denied their basic rights, they make and fix their own road themselves, provide their own security as the police cannot be trusted, they have to access and pump their own water, they have to source their own power supply and other basic amenities. Of what good is a country that cannot provide these amenities for its citizens?

Make Nigerians smile again, work your socks off and ensure all the promises you made are fulfilled. 

Leave Nigeria better than you met it, make this your modus operandi for every unit of Nigeria; this is the only pride you can be remembered for. If you do as you promise, you will live in the heart of people forever, your family respected and your children’s children adored forever.

It is no longer news that we have experienced successive failed governments in Nigeria and we've had leaders who have refused to stick to their promises of developing Nigeria.  

I belong to the list of Nigerian yet to be healed from some of your government’s atrocities when you became the Military Administrator of Nigeria over 30 years ago. In the days Nigerians experienced unnecessary killings, lack of recourse to the rule of law, jailing without proper trial, human right abuses etc. I believe now is the time to turn this tides around and listen to the voice of the people. Remember vox populi, vox dei (Voice of the people is the voice of God)

In your campaign messages, you asked Nigerians to forgive you for the many mistakes you made in your past administrations and you have personally apologized to some individuals. This is a great thing to do and Nigerians have shown the desire to make the past the past and move on. It’s equally important for you to do what is right this time, and work to correct all past mistakes.  Nigerians have given you the second chance.   Please do not fail.

Please note that you do not have time to waste, ignore all the merriments and distractions that followed your winning.  We want a nation that works. Nigerians have been patient for over 50 years and waited for this day to happen, now it has happened; do not take us back to where we came from. 

Image result for general buhariKeep to your promises so the soul of thousands of Nigerians felled by Boko Haram in the north can sleep comfortable, also souls of victims of kidnapping in the east and armed robbers in the south can sleep well.

Many Nigerians have died and many more are dying daily to preventable diseases, hoodlums, corruptions, poverty, insecurity and many more. Please pay urgent attention to this and stop the deaths quickly. The lives of Nigerians should count with your government.

There is huge insecurity in our nation, our policing system needs overhauling and our military needs to be equipped and every of our forces re-trained in modern combat strategies using the best in military intelligence. This may cost more, but it is for our own good and protection. If the military operation of tiny Chad Republic can fight Boko Haram better than Nigeria’s military, then we have cause for concern.

Nigerians want a quieter and pollution free nation, where generators are not needed all through the night.  Let PHCN provide electricity or be scrapped.  PHCN have been created to create electricity. An hour without electricity is a failure for PHCN. Nigeria’s past governments have invested money big enough to light the whole of Africa into PHCN, but no part of Nigeria can boast of uninterruptible power supply, this is a shame. Make PHCN board accountable or dissolved and new people with foresight put in their place.

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation is responsible for providing us with the needed petrol, diesel, kerosene and other fuels to run our lives.  We are one of the largest producers of fuel products in the world, if the company cannot provide the needed products for Nigerians at cheap rate, then NNPC needs to be dissolved and the cabals running it broken. Missing NNPC money must be a thing of the past. Of What use is a system not working?

All ministerial heads and heads of national parastatals must give regular accounts and any of them found wanting should not be speared the rod.  Case of ministerial mismanagement came up regularly in President Jonathan’s government and almost all of the culprits were released back into the system without being made accountable or charged despite their open air criminality.

I am confident that you have the charisma and guts to confront the political godfathers of Nigeria who have taken the country this far, do not be taken by their sympathetic gestures, they are deadly worms to our system that needs to be flushed out and this is what every Nigerian ask of you.  

Please fight tooth and nail to end corruption.

Every Nigerian loves you and believes you will not fail us.

Yes you can.

God bless you

God bless Nigeria.

Abiola Olaifa writes from the UK.