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Thursday 21 April 2011

Nigerians Are Bad Historians?

It is time Nigerians went back to their book of history. The violence that erupted after the presidential election is a pointer to the fact that we have not learnt from past events. Many Nigerians have died unnecessarily from political violence in the past, we have shed innocent bloods for no just reasons. We use every opportunity we have to pour out our already volatile and burning hatred for ourselves, which have never worked as the solution we require.
The violent outbreak in the Northern part of Nigeria coming as an aftermath of the 16th of April 2011 Presidential election leading to killing, burning, destroying and wasting of resources is uncalled for and unnecessary. Recent events in Nigeria have indicated our desire to destroy and maim at every slight provocation or any difference in opinion. The presidential election is one of such, General Muhammadu Buhari came second behind President Goodluck Jonathan and the most Muslim Northern youths from which General Buhari hails took to the streets, destroying, killing and maiming, causing a lot of chaos and bloodshed.
Northerners have ruled Nigeria for longer period than any other tribes in Nigeria, but that have not helped to abdicate poverty and illiteracy in this part of the country, most Northerners just want to know that they have a Northerner and Muslim as President of the Country. What significant benefit has the past Northern Leaders made to the development of the North, they have all occupied the sit and their memories faded away with them as they leave or die in their positions, while the people still languish in poverty and lack of education. The recent violent outburst in the north is another confirmation of the decadence and the level of exposure of the average Northern youth. As much as most of the Northerners wants a change in their living standards, the destruction of this kind has never and would never be the best route to a change, irrespective of their desires, nothing should have warranted the destruction of the magnitude that followed last presidential election, that is not say that any other leader from the other parts of Nigeria has done better either, but we should all embrace peace and not violence.
Be assured that past violent protests have never and would never cause a change in a nation like Nigeria, the protesters are the one that stands to loose everything, they loose their lives, loose their friends and neighbours, their wives and children. They also loose their hard earned possessions and valuables without any recourse to compensation from the sponsors of those illicit acts. We do not get the houses and lives we have wasted back, looking back in history of the country, no violent protest such as the recent has achieved any positive feedback, all that we get is destruction and blood bath that followed such protest. We have always mourn alone. Desist from being used by unscrupulous, opportunistic and greedy politicians to achieve their selfish aims at your detriment.
Many Nigerians have lost their lives in violent protests and unnecessary unrest in the past. Many of those lives were lost innocently and some of them as a result of poor level of literacy and being used to achieve selfish interests. Please do not be a bait for the evil and callous politicians and religious bigots who only want to achieve their aims and do not care if you loose your lives. Desist from seeing every protest as a way to express your disgust for the opposite religious and people from the other tribe.
This politically induced violent protest in the North leading to Muslims burning Churches and killing Christians does not project a good image of the country that we are all trying to build together, lets give peace a change to reign in our midst, we can only see the beginning of a fight and not the end. Lets not forget that continuous reprisal religious-attacks in Jos and other parts of the country is still on going and religion is not do or die because we have our way of life before these religions were introduced to us. Lets desists from fighting for God, if He is God indeed, I am sure He can defend himself. Religion should be what unites us and not what sets us apart. Irrespective of our believes, let it not lead to this unwarranted killings. Let's all endeavour to desists from killing people from other tribes because of politics and religion, you are putting people of your tribe in a bigger risk by doing that, because those you have killed might come back at you again as is the case in Jos, we do not build a virile country through such.
Let us stand and embrace President Goodluck Jonathan, I have listened and read his promises very closely and I believe he is very kind hearted and has the best interest of the country at heart. We need to embrace this man and encourage him to achieve what he has set out to achieve. I do not see him as a tribalist. It is time Nigerians did away with Tribalism, Racism and Religious intolerance. Let us all be our brother's keeper and protect the interest of the country. That is the only way forward.